The Practice Analysis

PA-BannerSquare-150x150What is the Survival Strategies Practice Analysis?

We have utilized this analysis for over 30 years to help owners better understand where they stand, what they may need assistance on, and how to more quickly achieve their goals. It is an interactive process usually requiring an average of 3 weeks wherein most find its value to significantly outweigh its cost!

It is not a “cookie-cutter analysis” some companies are using today, but an evaluation done one-on-one between you, the practice owner(s), and the senior consultant here at SSI using only your practice’s facts and figures, and how those align to your individual practice goals.

It will cover things such as:

  • Where are you taking your practice? This involves a study of your goals and your priorities for the future as a practice owner, which can vary markedly practice to practice.

  • What is the impact of politics in your area? Determine exactly what you are up against in regards to competition, and what your position is in your local market.

  • Why would someone come to your practice above everyone else? Is it possible to become their competition? Absolutely yes!

In this analysis, we’ll construct a functional “snap-shot” budget that shows your bottom lines, exactly where you become profitable with your existing resources, and what your profit potentials are using those same resources.


How about your Referral Sources? 

Are they up to your anticipated levels?

And are each of them giving you consistent referrals?

This alone can make or break a practice. It can make the difference between the empty and full waiting room, and whether you are making profits or falling short.

What is your personality and approach in relation to referral sources?

What are the potentials of your existing referral sources?

What are your potential future referral sources?

Do you know the danger-signs that could lead to problems with these valuable assets? We do! And we’ll show you which ones are showing such signs so you can take action.

We’ll review our 4-step methodology covering proven techniques to both create and enhance long-term referral relationships.

What’s your management style? We’ll study and survey to identify the “weak spots” that could give way under the pressures of the highs and lows of business as well as the times of rapid expansion.

This Analysis stands alone as a valuable look toward a more prosperous future for you and your practice.

For more information or to schedule your Full Practice Analysis, contact:

Nancy Mura
(805) 300-9004