Shannon L. Profits From the Effective Reimbursement Course

We recently completed the Effective Reimbursement Course with Survival Strategies. When we began, we had been in private practice for 5 years and had started to see more patients but our monthly average collections were remaining about the same. I had attended several courses on Billing and Collections, but hadn’t really seen any change in our profits.

We began the Effective Reimbursement Training Module and within one month we saw a dramatic increase in our profits. Survival Strategies was able to really outline each job role and duties for my billing and collections staff so there was not much question regarding what each member of the team was to do. They also worked with us in outlining a plan of action to tackle all of the outstanding bills we had.

My staff flourished at the changes we implemented and became much more productive at each of their jobs. I thank Survival Strategies for helping us make such a difference in the profits that our practice is now benefiting from.

Shannon L.