Practice Size Prior to Working With Survival Strategies: I had six offices and was finding it very difficult to see what was going on outside of my direct vision—literally, what I couldn’t see with my own eyes. I had no objective tools set up, and wasn’t managing by any reliable figures to monitor the health of the various parts of my practice.

Practice Profile:Accelerated Hand Therapy is a therapist owned and directed company providing hand therapy by 14 of the best Certified Hand Therapist to all of northern New Jersey. With six offices in five counties, we will be able to help you overcome the challenges of acute and chronic hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries and disorders.

Practice Philosophy: We are dedicated to helping each patient achieve the maximum level of personal performance at home, school and work. We provide the guidance and education that is essential to ongoing wellness and the prevention of future injuries.



Years working with SSI: Since 2004.

Goals I’ve attained Since Working With Survival Strategies: 

With the help of our Survival Strategies program and the guidance of our internship supervisor, I got my “executive” hat on and proficiency with using these tools. I have better knowledge of what is going on in the offices. Since I am communicating more effectively with the staff, I am much more on top of things and in charge.

I have significantly less stress and a lot more confidence. I make effective decisions that staff can work with, and I can track and see the results of those decisions in real time. I learned that clear orders, courage, compassion, insistence and persistence really enhance staff who previously may have seemed negative or unproductive.

Most surprising is the positive feedback and attitudes of the staff since putting my executive hat on. The therapists have noticed and commented that the communication level in the practice has noticeably improved. Staff have become more responsible, they are more interested in their personal statistics and what they can do to improve the numbers, and we have a true team moving forward.

This stability was such that I was ready to move the practice to a whole new level by doing the PR and Marketing program and bringing on a director to take control of those activities.

Now that I have these tools, I am much more optimistic about being able to move my practice to bigger and better things.