Practice Size Prior to Working With Survival Strategies: I came to Survival Strategies before starting my practice. I had no patient base, financing, or building. No hat, no cattle, just a strong desire to run my own ranch after years of building practices for others who predicted I would certainly fail in an autonomous practice. That was a scary proposition.

Practice Profile: With four separate clinics in the state of Maryland, Hearing Professionals is grateful to all who entrust us for their hearing and balance needs.

Practice Philosophy: It is our Mission to provide the highest quality, personalized balance and hearing health care services, diagnostic as well as rehabilitation and to maximize each individual patient’s quality of life.



Practice Goals attained Since Working With Survival Strategies: 

I learned about referrals from Survival Strategies and things took off. They took off and didn’t stop for six years.

I grew to three full time offices, two satellites and three children.

My initial challenge was thinking of myself as an executive as well as an audiologist. Like most practice owners, I realized with horror that executive basics weren’t skills taught in any of my graduate school programs!

I’ve streamlined my organization and clarified positions and duties. I developed a detailed business plan that not only set goals, but laid out the strategic and tactical planning I needed to get there and the statistical, objective measures I had to watch to know what was occurring in the different parts of my budding empire.

It’s not been without obstacles. Good employees, having been with me before and after the training, have realized the benefits of more effective management. They remained and grew. Those who didn’t survive this new, superior management really stood out now as not part of the team. Subsequent hirings are now in the best interest of the practice, which has helped us grow and stabilize. The real bottom line for me is that I’ve grown not only as an executive, attaining more sanity in my professional life, but my personal life as well. You can have it all, when you know how.