Practice Size Prior to Working With Survival Strategies: In January of 2005, I opened the doors on my own clinic. I initially rented from two Chiropractors. Because I was dual degreed and licensed in both Physical Therapy and Chiropractic I could see the advantages to both professions.

Practice Profile: Privately owned PT company with three locations in the state of Pennsylvania.

Practice Philosophy: It is our mission at Mishock Physical Therapy & Associates to provide the most efficacious state-of-the-art Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation services to relieve pain, restore function and return our patients to the highest quality of life possible.



Years working with SSI: Since 2006

Practice Goals Attained Since Working With Survival Strategies:

The first thing I did with Survival Strategies was the Management Program. The biggest thing it did for me was provide organization and structure that can be duplicated one clinic to the next, and it gave me vastly improved control while creating more revenues and growth. The different parts of the practice, communication of one department with another, knowing the exact roles of all staff, and managing objectively by statistics—all of these—have put me in the driver’s seat as owner/manager.

In the short one half year since beginning this program, I have nearly doubled my volume in terms of patients and treatments, but have so much better control that I’ll shortly be opening another practice.

It’s hard to even quantify the personal benefits, but as an example, I can almost step away from my current practice and know it will run smoothly. I’m able to take Friday afternoons off and a vacation (for the first time in 2 years), all of this in spite of the rapid growth!

Because the fact that the Hubbard Management Tech is duplicatable and others can learn it and use it, I can actually see a time when I can have stable, knowledgeable executives in place and step away from all of this and manage it remotely—having true Power of Choice, which is my current 5 year goal.