Practice Size Prior to Working With Survival Strategies: Seven employees and a revenue base of $500,000 per year.

Company Profile: Comprehensive Business and Individual, accounting and tax services designed to help you protect and grow your Golden Egg.

Company Philosophy: We Understand Your Needs…Practical, personalized advice you can trust. We breakdown problems and solutions into something that you can use to “think with.”

Years working with SSI: Since 1998

Company Goals Attained Since Working With Survival Strategies:

Revenue base has quadrupled and we’ve also grown to an 20 employee team. This allowed me to spend time with my family while the children were growing up and helped me maintain an income to support our activities.



It empowered me to grow my practice to the level I want, provide the level of income that I want and practice in the manner that I want. This has provided the opportunity to do other things in my life that, while not directly related to my business, are important to me.

I want to make a difference in this world. Being a CPA is an opportunity to accomplish that goal. As my practice took a quantum leap, my career took a new and exciting turn. Despite the fact that I hold a master’s degree in Accountancy, it wasn’t until now that I found all the tools to put the pieces of a business (Sales, Administration, Production) to work in a comprehensive fashion, monitor it, retool it and grow it some more.

I have studied business and this is the only comprehensive codification of business principals and practices that, when applied correctly, gives the result you seek. Where else is it available?