Join our Education Team for complimentary webinars on hot topics each week. These webinars are 100% free, user-friendly, online visual presentations, with audio portion by phone. There is also live Q&A with the webinar host for any questions you may have during the webinar.

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Increasing Your Referrals Webinar

Covering the many myths and misconceptions of referral generation, the methods your referral sources DO NOT like with detailed descriptions, and the “anti-salesman” approach.


PR & Marketing Made Simple

The “How-To’s” of simple, effective Public Relations & Marketing on a budget and how branding your practice and services make you stand out from your competition.


Hiring & Retention

Laying out the sequence and overview of the Human Resources Department, know what qualities constitute a “good” employee, and the successful strategies for choosing and retaining the best staff.


Cash Flow

How implementing the “4 ways to grow your profits” along with precision Financial Planning would improve your control and increase your path to profitability and financial goals.