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Your Ultimate Guide to Attracting and Recruiting Top Players in a Troubled Economy

How do you pick real performers and avoid the deadly legal & financial expenses related to wrong or negligent hiring?

Like it or not, as a business owner or executive you have got to be a smart headhunter! The war for talent is raging and the current economic environment makes attracting & selecting good personnel harder than ever. So you’d better grab the best, most performing job seekers before your toughest competition does. But make sure you don’t turn your hunt into your worst nightmare.

In “No-Fail Hiring” you will discover:

  • How the coming years will affect talent availability, motivation and loyalty
  • What to do in order to ensure that the “Employment-at-will” law works to your advantage
  • Why you should master the art of ‘hiring right’ before you delegate it or outsource it
  • How to beat 10,000 competitors in the hunt for talented & motivated employees
  • What are the most needed skills and how you can detect if applicants possess them (or not)
  • How to avoid negligent hiring and other legal liabilities which could destroy your business
  • How to conduct interviews and be able to accurately predict who fits… and who does not
  • How to ensure that your selected applicants will make it… through and beyond the honeymoon

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