Practice Analysis – The Referral Section

PA-STORE-e1386787571440The Practice Analysis covers all aspects of your clinic.

One of the most valuable is the section which analyzes your current Referral Sources and provides the owner with comprehensive facts such as:

– An in-depth analysis of your existing and potential relationships with referral sources.

– Analysis of your existing patient flow vs. your current marketing actions. THIS IS VITAL.

These 2 steps of the Referral Section of the Analysis alone are highly informative and usually eye-opening!

You will also receive:

– Statistical graphs by referral source; visual indications showing those that are increasing or decreasing.

– Public Relations (PR) & Marketing Annual Calendar Breakdown and Review.

– PR & Marketing Questionnaire: Establishes success rates with each Public Relations & Marketing action, and isolates niche markets you could incorporate.

– A review of your promotional print material.

You’ll learn what specifically is working, what is not working, and what needs reinforcement or improvement.

This spotlights the Referral Section only, following that you’ll embark on the Management, Finance, Reimbursement and Staff portions of your Practice Analysis.

What you learn will blow you away! Call (800) 834-0357 ext. 224 for more information.