Dimitrios Discusses His Experience With Survival Strategies

It is very reasonable for someone to doubt and be confused about the various Marketing and PR programs that exist out there, targeting physical therapists; especially when these programs cost several thousands of dollars. Obviously, the problem starts with the lack of marketing and management education in our PT schools. At least when I went to PT school the words Marketing and Management were unknown in any PT curriculum.

My business partner and I, started our private practice (Hands-On Physical Therapy) in 1992. Shortly thereafter, we realized that our lack of knowledge in the area of marketing and practice management was the major factor preventing us from capturing a larger market share from the pool of people needing PT services.

We decided to make a substantial (for us) financial investment and seek the services of Survival Strategies. Our experience with them was very similar to Christina’s. We started becoming more and more organized, we had a very specific and meaningful approach when marketing the practice to various referral sources.

Thirteen years later we still follow the same exact technology but we have grown from one practice to eight PT practices! Of course, regardless of having one, two or ten practices the challenges (insurance companies, reimbursement, expenses, etc.) are the same, just at a different magnitude.

I would describe my experience with Survival Strategies through the years as an excellent one. I should mention though that Survival Strategies has a non-conflict agreement policy with all of its clients and they accept new clients in a very selective manner. They accept new clients only if there is no geographical conflict with their current clients.

I hope this helps and if I can provide you with any more info I would be happy to.


Dimitrios Kostopoulos, PT, Ph.D., D.Sc.