Answered by Craig Ferreira, CEO

1. How did Survival Strategies get started?

I personally had been training and consulting businesses of all types in 23 countries in the 70’s and was trained as a “Troubleshooter/Coach.”

In 1986 I began consulting to the Physical Therapy profession. My business partner (Harvey Schmiedeke) and I worked exclusively with this field from 1989 to 1994 and Survival Strategies was born.

We formed Survival Strategies after observing  a need in the medical, and PT field, for improved skill and ability in developing the professional relationships required between the various disciplines to ensure and help facilitate high quality patient/client care.

Discovering that most medical professionals were highly skilled in their particular profession but lacked the professional training in management and relationship development, we decided to help.

We also found this to be true within the CPA field and many other fields we have worked with. The skill level of the owner is normally based around the service/product they produce but not on the formation or expansion of a highly viable, properly managed company.

Chairman & CEO, Craig Ferreira answers your questions.

Chairman & CEO, Craig Ferreira answers your questions.


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2. What professions have/do you work with:
In the last 23 years we have worked in the fields of Physical Therapy and Physiotherapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), Audiology, Certified Hand Therapy (CHT), Sports Therapy, Accounting (CPA), Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Pediatric Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology (SLP), Restaurant Owners, Chiropractors (DC), Medical Specialists, Podiatry.

3. How is Survival Strategies different from other consulting companies?

Having worked in 23 countries with various types of “business technologies” from MBA’s to “hard knocks” to “street sense,” it was obvious there was no standard technology on the management and establishment of a group.

We found that required technology in the Hubbard Management Technology, which has set a new standard of high ethics, easy assimilation and application of effective technology to the running of any successful group.

With our extensive training and skill in the correct application of this technology, we are one of the only companies with a guaranteed return on investment with our major programs.

We do not just deliver consulting or training and “send the client home.” We implement training abilities with proven results which become part of the working operation of their company from that point forward.

We never assume we can help a client without a full analysis of their company as our first step. Our major program training is done on a one-on-one basis, and every program contains full internship implementation to ensure that all theory practiced in training is put into the real world with verified results.

4. What is the “Guaranteed ROI?”

It is obvious that any client working with a consulting, training or coaching practice should expect to at least make their invested money back in a certain amount of time.

I would want that.

Therefore, we have designed our major programs to ensure a client graduates with full objective verification and attestation by the client, that they have in fact made back at least their ROI either in Account Receivables or in Cash.

The concept is this…Through our training and system implementation the client is able to continue making additional amounts of money from this work for the future of their company. I have had clients state they have made millions of dollars on a $30,000 investment with us over a period of several years. This is factually due to our systems being “Result and Expansion-oriented.”

We are the ONLY firm of our nature, that we know of (and we’ve checked), that offers a guaranteed ROI.

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5. Why is Survival Strategies considered specialists in referral relationship development?

The area of Marketing and Public Relations (PR) are two separate subjects. We have found the recipients of your marketing and PR efforts will receive your communication at a higher level if there is a prior developed relationship. This means relationship development is a basic to all PR and marketing efforts.

Our “core competency” is the skill development with how to start, develop and create long-lasting professional relationships with those individuals with whom you rely on for business. The best news is it is done without outmoded and gimmicky “sales” approaches or techniques.

We are known as specialists in this area based upon having trained thousands of owners and their staff on relationship development and have files filled with “before and after” company expansion facts and testimonials.

To be considered a specialist, in my frame of reference, would be based completely upon having factual results, and we have them!

6. How long do the programs take?

Our programs consist of a preparatory phase, which is carried out long distance through telephone appointments and email with the client, which implements the beginning of objective tracking for our future ROI. As well, there are reading materials to prepare for the training, and the initial basic steps of the system involved are implemented. This phase can take anywhere from 1-2 months.

The one-on-one training, coaching, drilling and application sessions go from days to weeks depending on the program and the circumstances of the client and their staff.

After this training is complete, we begin our implementation of the result-oriented internship. This is done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis taking anywhere from 2 months to 2 years to complete depending on the program.

7. How do I keep your programs in place in my clinic through staff changes?

During the first quarter of every year, we schedule our clients to attend our “Refreshers” for each individual major program concerned.

These Refreshers are part of all major program contracts and have a very nominal fee; you may bring as many staff as you wish. We normally have hundreds of people attending these enabling the clients to retrain themselves or educate new staff to bring them aboard with the program. These are carried out through group training, not one-on-one and allow for many round-tables and networking opportunities for all attendees.

We also offer a webinar series strictly for our client base. This exists in what we call the “Client community” on our website, sectioned off strictly for the clients, where they can network, watch recorded webinars at their convenience, and learn about updates on our services, etc.

8. Does Survival Strategies only work with those clinics/companies that have large budgets?

No. Once we find we have a motivated, goal-oriented client who really wants to grow and expand their company, we work within the client’s budget in order to get them the service they need to accomplish their goals.

We also have outside funding that has financed hundreds of our clients’ programs at low monthly fees.

I have found that money is NEVER the problem as long as both the client and our firm have reached a conclusion, after an in-depth analysis, that the service is the right thing for the client.

We will do whatever we can do to help the client get on and through their service, and we have many financial solutions available to help facilitate this.

9. I’ve tried the “others,” how do I know Survival Strategies’ programs will work for me?

You don’t.

We are realistic in knowing we cannot help everybody. This is exactly why we do a very low-cost analysis as the beginning step. During the analysis, all factors on both sides, your company and ours, are mutually reviewed to determine if we can, in fact, help you achieve your goals.

One thing we know for certain…To date we have helped over 4,000 groups expand and increase their ability to prosper and have documented success with client after client.

Here’s what a client had to say:

“Through your weekly phone consultations you have challenged me to learn and grow and to expand my skills and abilities, now the clinic is reaping the benefits of that experience. I have been burned by other companies who offered seemingly beneficial services or programs at high prices and who did not deliver sufficient services once the check was in hand. You, however, have followed my progress through to a complete and satisfied point from which I will continue on my own with knowledge and confidence. Your entire group has maintained a very high level of professionalism and I admire your dedication to ‘practice what you preach’ by utilizing these same skills in your own business.” —C.J., PT, Owner

10. What do you do to keep up with the current trends in my industry?

With the help of our large client base throughout the U.S. and Canada we are kept informed of current good news and bad news, and through this network we are able to then investigate ways and means of helping clients through difficult times, or how to capture an opportunity.

In addition, many of our clients occupy positions on their State Professional Boards or National Professional Boards, which also assist us further and keep us very informed on current affairs.

11. What should I do to establish whether you can help me?

To find out if we can help you it is suggested that you do the One-Hour Courtesy Consultation with one of our Senior Consultants or call us at: (818) 276-1000.