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Choosing a Practice Consultant is as important a relationship as your family doctor, attorney or trusted accountant. Ideally, it is a life-long relationship. We have clients who’ve been with us through the last decade who have become not only valued friends, but also colleagues in the mission of preserving Private Practice. We hope to also earn your friendship and business.

At a recent Private Practice Sector Convention, many of our clients observed and commented on an odd phenomenon. The emotional tone of most attendees seemed somber, worried about the future. By comparison, those who gathered around the Survival Strategies booths were upbeat in their outlook for the future, many reporting their “best year ever.” (Some even a bit self-conscious about their success.)

The truth is this: If you have the courage, and deliver quality care, Survival Strategies has the proven track record and tools to support you in achieving your practice goals.

We have shown Private Practice owners the workable strategies that have helped them survive and prosper since 1985. However, our programs are NOT for everyone. We require a high level of commitment and a willingness to learn new skills and use them diligently. On the other hand, these qualities abound in people like you who had the courage to choose Private Practice and work to help others.

Because we guarantee our results, we are selective about the clients with whom we work. We need to know they are committed and ready to apply themselves towards achieving success. A practice owner interested in looking for such a relationship should call us at (818) 276-1000. You will speak with a seasoned consultant for up to one hour, at our expense.

Your next step would be completing a One-Hour Courtesy Consultation to determine where you are losing money in your practice; where you could be doing better; and finally, what needs to be improved to further meet your goals. Only then, once we’ve gotten to know you and your practice’s unique circumstances, and once we’ve determined our services fit your needs, will we then recommend a program.



Survival Strategies in Downtown Burbank, CA

Survival Strategies in Downtown Burbank, CA


Craig Ferreira, Chairman & CEO

Craig Ferreira, Chairman & CEO


It’s still your practice and it’s still your choice…

We are confident that working together as a team, you too will prosper!

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