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Providing Services for Your Practice

Increasing Referrals, Patients & More

As a private practice owner, you are often faced with difficult business decisions in addition to maintaining your high standards in both quality of care and treatments. Having been schooled and trained in your specific profession, you KNOW exactly how to treat your patients. But how does one precisely acquire new patients from doctors? How exactly do you collect money due from the Insurance companies? How will you find, hire and retain the best staff for your practice? There are many things they didn't teach you in college, i.e. - how to be a proficient Private Practice owner.

Helping Private Practice owners, not only to survive in this difficult age of managed care, but to flourish and prosper now and into the future is Survival Strategies' primary purpose. We do this through programs tailored to your needs as an owner, and those of your practice in particular.

Survival Strategies has been in business since 1985 and is revered as being one of the finest Private Practice Consultants. We have provided the tools and know-how of profitability and peace of mind to more than 4,000 Private Practice owners through group workshops and one-on-one training programs specifically designed to accommodate your needs.

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